Carlos made it! So can you!

Carlos overcame the impact of having a diploma mill certificate which cost him not only financial loss but his enrollment at Lone Star Community College. Through ESU, he earned a valid High School Equivalency certificate and is back at Lone Star working on his Vet Tech certification. EastSide is the solution to the literacy crisis in Houston!


"Educational assistance and job skills development provided through instruction, computer technology resources and existing community partners."

Featured - Go Mobile! Go Global!
The Xprize Competition gave birth to collaboration and that collaboration has fostered a new phase of adult education for the City of Houston - providing 21st century solutions to the literacy epidemic in this country.
Thank you Xprize, Dollar General,
& the National Barbara Bush Literacy Foundation.


Low Literacy = Low Wages

Having served over 7000 learners, EastSide University is your community-based solution to the urban literacy crisis. Together, we can continue to break cycles of poverty in the lives of adults and children through literacy and education.