EastSide University is proud to spotlight Alumni Success Stories

Claudia Valle (2018) - English is my second language; while studying and memorizing, learning to read and write in English to order to respond to questions on the history of the United States, my mother was hospitalized. Committed to continue Citizenship class, I would go to the hospital to tend to my mother, leave to come to class, and after class, return to the hospital. After my mother was discharged from the hospital, she still needed care, so I would make sure someone stayed with her while I attended class. I did this for the entire semester. Once I was confident that I knew all 100 questions, many had two part answers, and only 5 random questions are asked, I went to apply for my citizenship. I was placed on a waiting list of over 1,000 of which a each person picks from number lottery so that the number picked is the order which applications are processed. At one point, my application was lost and I had to reapply. After two years of anxiously waiting I am proud to say I am now a United States Citizen!

Binja Chuma (2016) - completed her GED studies at EastSide in the Spring. Her successful acquisition of a high school equivalency diploma was not the only achievement for Binja.  She is attending Houston Community College and studying to be a certified nurse.

Carlos Gonzalez (2015) completed his GED studies in February. He transitioned to Lone Star College, where he is preparing for a career as an elementary school math teacher. At the Mayor's Literacy Leadership Awards Breakfast, Carlos was recognized as the Houston Literacy Learner of the Year and received a scholarship to help pay his tuition this semester. His advice to those who are struggling: "No matter what happens in life, you just gotta keep on going. Life change fast, and before you realize it, things are better. Just never give up."

Shanna Aniekwu (2014) completed GED classes at ESU and then earned her Certified Nursing Assistant certificate. Graduating with honors, she immediately was hired at Methodist Hospital. She received a Space City Rotorary Club scholarship and other awards that helped her attain housing for her and her children and a car to help her take her children to school and to go to work for the first time without depending on others or on public transportation. She is currently attending HCC’s RN program.

Cindy Estada (2012) completed ESL and GED classes at ESU. After earning her GED, she transitioned to Houston Community College, where she graduated in May of 2016 with an Associate’s degree. Currently, she is attending the University of Houston Downtown and is majoring in Accounting. Cindy currently works as a tax consultant for H & R Block and recently appeared on Deborah Duncan’s Great Day Houston show focusing on Houston Money Week and how the financial education initiative inspired her to become a HMW volunteer to help the Hispanic community become financially empowered.

Dadisi Netifret (2010) - I had very little knowledge about computers. The staff welcomed me with open arms. I opened my mind to the instructors as they taught me how to use the computer. I fell in love with it! Using a computer introduced me to a whole new world. EastSide University became my second home. It is because of this school that I am now an entrepreneur and author of 6 books, which are available through my website http://www.poetdadisi.com/home-1.html Thanks to EastSide University for being there to open my world to technology and to my own future.

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