Mission: Providing Educational Assistance and Job Skills Development through Information, Computer Technology, and Existing Community Resources.

Dr. Manson B. Johnson II founded the Southeast Houston Community Development Corporation (SEHCDC) as a Texas Community non-profit 501 (c) 3 Corporation in 1995. The SEHCDC is certified and recognized by the City of Houston’s, Housing and Community Development Department ( HCDD) and the State of Texas, Department of Housing and Community Affairs as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).

In 1998, SEHCDC established the East Side University Village Community Learning Center (EastSide University) as an outreach project for very low to moderate-income youths and adults. Its mission is to provide educational assistance and job skills development through information and computer technology resources and is designed to supplement existing community resources. EastSide University is a workforce readiness and adult education center dedicated to re-entry education and development.

A Champion for Literacy, East Side University:

• Bridges the digital divide by providing tuition-supported technical and vocational skills classes and access to information and resources needed to positively impact the cycle of generational poverty since its founding in 1998 by the South East Houston Community Development Corporation.

• Serves over 200 unduplicated adults and their families each year, providing a second-chance educational alternative to those who were previously “living on the edge" but desire a new found purpose and the marketable skill set required to succeed as productive citizens.

• Consists of a diverse group of students from all over the globe with backgrounds ranging from high school dropouts, to under/un-employed, ex-offenders, single parents, military veterans, employed seeking promotion, immigrants, and retired seniors. 

• Utilizes a "literacy pipeline" approach to learning that helps students transition to, and succeed in, vocational training, college, and the workplace.

• Operates as one of only fourteen “special purpose schools” in Houston, Texas, accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS/AdvancEd).

• Provides accredited, quality instruction and learning based on equity, high expectations, learning support services, student engagement, progress monitoring and feedback, learning application, management, and technology integration.

• Provides a community based response to “real life” issues facing 21st century urban living and inner-city neighborhoods and families.

• Provides a gathering place for knowledge for people of all ages offering educational assistance and job skills development through information, computer technology, and existing community resources.

• Offers computer skills, English for non-native speakers, GED preparation, Spanish, basic literacy (reading, writing, and math), citizenship exam preparation, parenting and nutrition, college and career preparation, and financial education classes through the generous support of community partners.